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The Yacatizma (Nunu) is the supreme force of beauty in the cosmos. Cosmic designers of a 65-million year climax. Yacatizma was described by ancient Subgenius as a goddess, and associated her with concepts of fertility, beauty, and female sexual power, serving as a protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth, and the crafts practiced by women such as jewelry making, weaving and embroidery. Literally depicted as a Sex Goddess. Unlike several other figures in the complex of UberFemme earth deities connected with agricultural and sexual fecundity, Yacatizma is always depicted as an alluring and youthful woman, richly attired and symbolically associated with vegetation and in particular flowers. By connotation, Yacatizma is also representative of human desire, pleasure, and excess, appearing also as patroness of artisans involved in the manufacture of luxury items. And was representative of beauty, sex, crafts, fertility, dance, music, singing, weaving, magic, and love spells. Sacred marigolds adorned her avatars.

Followed by a retinue consisting of birds and butterflies. Worshipers wore animal and flower masks at a festival, held in her honor every eight years. Her twin was Narnini and her husband was NHGH, until JHVH-1 kidnapped her and she was forced to marry him. At one point, she was also married to "Bob" and Lucifer. To form the ultimate "devil's threeway."

DO NOT confuse the Yacatizma with the the Yacatisma.

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