The TriPipe

The TriPipe is one of many symbols of the Church of the SubGenius. It has 3 of "Bob's" pipes (he has MANY pipes), and each pipe is smoking one of the other pipes and being smoked by another pipe, and in the middle is a cloud of frop smoke shaped exactly like the number 13013, symbolizing "Bob". The recycling symbol for plastics, with 3 arrows pointing at each other and a number in the middle between 1 and 7, is The Conspiracy's imitation of the TriPipe, and artist M. C. Escher's work was all inspired by a TriPipe he saw which was sent back in time through Time Control. The original TriPipe was drawn by General Public. The TriPipe symbolizes the infinite loop of Slack, whereby even a SubGenius with very little Slack can use and reuse the same Slack again in an infinite loop, without any effort, thus having the same effect as an infinite amount of Slack, because Slack can be reused and recycled an infinite number of times, even if you only have a little bit of Slack. "Bob" can be seen in the 0 in the center of the number 13013 (which is a mutated Dobbshead), located in the frop cloud in the middle, and the digits appear to spell out his name, plus he is actually hidden inside one of the pipes, while another pipe contains Don and Yeti nother one contains YOU.

The theological basis of the TriPipe is very simple: "Bob" smokes the SubGenius in his pipe, Don smokes "Bob" in his pipe, and the SubGenius smokes Don in their pipe. Each pipe also has frop in it too. One of the many mysteries of every SubGenius pipe is the fact that it is larger on the inside than its size on the outside, and that a pipe can be inside something else that is also inside the original pipe. Ordinary Conspiracy pipes do not have any of these properties; however the properties of a pipe change depending on who owns it, so if a SubGenius goes to a tobacco shop or head shop and buys a pipe from the Conspiracy, immediately upon transfer of ownership, the pipe gains supernatural properties. The abilities of a SubGenius pipe to be larger on the inside than the outside (in fact, have infinite capacity) and to contain other things which contain it defy traditional Euclidean geometry and the laws of Conspiracy physics. However, these supernatural abilities are NOTHING compared to the supernatural abilities of the herb frop.

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