The UnberFemme are ready to blow away the world. (Model was either Connie Marsh Dobbs or Bobra Dobbs.)

An UberFemme, Chronozon, Yeti Sex Goddess is the most advanced type of female SubGenius, even sexier than the Alien Sex Goddesses, and is the female counterpart to the male OverMan. To become an UberFemme, each female SubGenius must travel to Dobbstown, Malaysia to get the psychic surgery to open her third nostril. An UberFemme is sexy enough to seduce any person of any gender without even trying.

The most prominent UberFemme is, of course, Connie Dobbs, the primary wife of "Bob" who was born an UberFemme. Other famous UberFemmes include Susie the Floozie, Priestess Pisces, Rev. Magdalen, Barbara Dobbs, Princess Wei and Inari Aikio-Kytömäki.

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