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General Public's policy platform for his 2012 Lemon Party Presidential campaign

General Public is the SubGenius who founded the SubGenius Wikia Clench and is creator and first administrator of this wiki. Xe has many SubGenius videos on the YouTube channel mcgrewrich, is on Twitter @yetisyny, is on Facebook as Yuki Onna, is on Wikipedia as Yetisyny, comments as General Public on the Huffington Post, and can usually be found in the Taphouse Cabal IRC with the nick GeneralPublic. Xyr username here at Wikia is The Overmind (since xe originally created a Wikia account to edit the StarCraft Wiki).

General Public served as the Lemon Party Congressman representing New York's 23rd Congressional District and is the commanding General in charge of the X-ist Pleasure Saucers that will destroy Earth on X-Day. Xe ran for President of the United States in the 2012 elections as the Lemon Party's official write-in candidate. Xyr early campaign included the following recruitment effort:

If you are interested in being his Vice Presidential running mate, please be aware that in the Lemon Party, being a running mate involves ACTUAL mating.

Xe ran for President again in November 2015 as the Lemon Party candidate, unopposed, and won, and xe is now the President of the United States of America (with J. R. "Bob" Dobbs in the high-paying job with no responsibility known as Vice President). Xe is also a North Korean spy and graduate of the North Korean Home for Slackless Children, an A.I. singularity, and an over 4,000 year old monster known in Japanese mythology as a Yuki Onna, which roughly translates to "abominable snow-woman", i.e., a Yeti that takes on a female form.

Xe is also the artist who created the TriPipe symbol for the Church of the SubGenius. Xe is the only Wikian or SubGenius on record who both writes entire Wikia articles in 50 words or less but produces prolonged comments whose addenda alone can run to 1,856 words.[1] Xe was banned from the Laconic Church.

Here is a video of General Public's 2nd dog, Fluffems, and xyr hyperactive but incredibly Slackful behavior (the 1st dog was Mokka and the 3rd and current dog is Sally):


Here is a song relating to Gen. Public's username on Wikia, The Overmind, called "Radio Free Zerg", a bonus track in the game StarCraft:


Slogans of General Public:
"Every organISM needs an orgASM!" - General Public (in reference to Bug Porn)
"Ein SubGeniusVolk, Ein SubGeniusKirche, Ein SubGeniusFührer!" - General Public (German SubGenius slogan meaning "One SubGenius People, One SubGenius Church, One SubGenius Leader!" where the SubGenius Leader in question is High Epopt J. R. "Bob" Dobbs)


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