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There are a variety of wikis on the Internet. For instance Wikipedia is the biggest wiki out there, while Wikia hosts a number of wikis, including this one. However, let us narrow the subject down further, and only focus on wikis that are somehow related to the Church of the SubGenius.

  • Alien - a MediaWiki-based wiki about Slackware Linux (mirrored here)
  • Black Iron Prison - a MediaWiki-based wiki about Discordianism, focused on new Discordian teachings from a sequel to Principia Discordia called "Black Iron Prison"
  • Discordian Wiki - a Wikia-hosted Discordian wiki (Discordians are a schism of the Church of the SubGenius that split off in the late 1950s after Eris Discordia divorced "Bob" Dobbs and they sided with Eris)
  • High Weirdness Project by Feit C. Taj, although the resurrection is only partial
  • Schl0b - a very professional, well-done MediaWiki-based wiki for a Clench or Schism from the Church of the SubGenius called the Bowling League, run by a guy named Kracker
  • Scrubgenius Wiki - a Wikia-hosted wiki started by people from Scrubgenius, it only had 6 edits, all of them made on the same day, October 8, 2010, before being completely abandoned by its creators (who are all very high-ranking well-respected SubGenii with better things to do than waste time making a wiki)
  • SlackForumWiki - a German wiki about SlackWare Linux (view in English using Google Translate here)
  • Slackopedia - a defunct SubGenius wiki that used MediaWiki but suffered from a complete lack of content and being hosted on a Windows Vista computer by a Bobbie, resulting in its rapid demise
  • SlackWiki - a MediaWiki-based wiki about Slackware Linux
  • SubGenius Wikia Clench - this wiki that you are looking at right now... seriously, you are looking at it right now, duh.
  • TaterPedia - Tater Gumfries's wiki about Kern's Holler, himself, and other bulldada

So... that is a total of 23 SubGenius-related wikis... and also, I can't count fnord.

So with that many SubGenius-related wikis, how come this one is needed? Look through the list more carefully. Then think. With your brain. No, not THAT brain. The OTHER one. Yeah, that's it, now you've got it!

But there is ALSO some SubGenius-related content on NON-SubGenius-related wikis as well, believe it or not. Here are some examples of pages on THIS wiki that ALSO appear on Wikipedia (albeit, the pages about them there are full of misinformation, bias, and lies, while the versions here are entirely truthful and well-documented):

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