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Woodstock on the moon

Poster used for Woodstock on the Moon, the third annual event of the Grove Gathering.

Tank 20190612 033102 negud

Naked people swimming in Blue Yeti Pond aka Blue Slack Pond aka Yeti Slack Pond.

Clearing 20190611 031137 ngalt

Moon flowers growing in Yeti fertilizer.

Path 20190611 030740 sat l WotM1

Black and white poster at top as seen through frop-enhanced vision.

Woodstock on the Moon was a name given to the third Grove Gathering which was held in 2019. It featured the 21st century premiere of the "Battle Hymn of the SubGenius" and the beginning of the SubGenius cabal The Slack Gathering.

The event was moved from July to June in hopes of cooler weather. It was held from Friday, June 14, to Sunday, June 16, although some people came earlier for setup. It was named in honor of the 50th anniversary of both the Woodstock Music & Art Fair and the first human landing on the moon. Because of harassment and threats, it was invitation only, and the dates and place were a mystery until after it was over.


The event officially began on Friday, but several people helped set up the day before. Moving and clearing the main path was done even earlier. The main pavilion was set up today. This year had something new, a place to swim. What had been a mud pit had been dug deeper with a backhoe which also dug a trench leading to it. With high rains throughout the spring, there was plenty of water for swimming. The few people there on Thursday built a campfire and had singing and dancing.

Friday Edit

Most people who attended belonged to one of several pagan groups in the area. Some of them and others were Discordians or SubGenii or Pastafarians. All attendants this year were nudist, although not all were nude all the time. There was a "troll booth" people had to check through before entering The Grove, but admission was by donation. Like last year there were four portapotties and also mobile home bathrooms available. There was a short opening ceremony, and singing and dancing and the Cloved Lemon Kissing Game. In honor of Jimi Hendrix' performance at the first Woodstock and it being Flag Day, a guitarist played "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Saturday Edit

There was a dancing and drumming workshop. People played "Squirrel Spotting" because there were many more squirrels than before. Many people swam in the new swimming hole called Blue Mermaid Pond, but some people called it by more SubGeniusy names. The evening had singing, dancing, and magic tricks by a professional magician. The site had the 21st century world premiere of the SubGenius song "Battle Hymn of the SubGenius" from The SubGenius Hymnal. It was reported lost for decades.

Sunday Edit

People played games including passing a cloved lemon, swam, and did other activities. After a rain break, the closing ceremony was held. The highlight was a juggler and magician doing an act while making a marriage proposal. The hoped for bride accepted.

Awards were passed out, but some of these were tongue-in-cheek. Best Marriage Proposal of course went to the juggler-magician. For the third year in a row, Disco-Rdian Dancing Trip won the Weird Dancing Award. Best Wearable Art went to Gypsie Skripto for a skirt made of natural material on site; "Battle Hymn of the SubGenius" by The Slack Gathering won for best hymn, and "Gatherington Gazette" was awarded as the name for the Grove Gathering newspaper. There was a contest to name next year's event, but that will be decided later.

Almost everyone stayed after closing for a ceremony for the full moon and for Midsummer.

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