X-Day 5 occurred July 5th 1998 (2003) at Brushwood Folklore Center near Sherman, New York.Draft pages of The Subgenius Psychlopaedia of Slack: The Bobliographon were posted around the camp grounds (particularly in bathroom stalls) before it's later publication.

It was unique at the time because it featured #subgenius Camp in Alt.slack Woods using physical paper which "logged" the conversation of the attendees.

#subgenius Woods Log  (XDAY 5) (Transcribed by Phloighd)
Channel created by phloighd / RevSExmortis / RevLordSloth
phloighd sets mode +ooo Asquire Rev_Dr_Lon  JustinCase
phloighd sets mode +o AC808
phloighd sets mode +v Pisces
* phloighd sets topic to "Functionality Rocks."
* phloighd christens the portapotty
<RevSExmortis> the boogie woogie king from the mountaintop is what I am
* RevSExmortis is now known as RevSEx
<RevSEx> praise phloighd for bringing us the shitters!
* Schabe has joined #subgenius
* Kari has joined #subgenius
<Schabe> I'm not really here.
<Kari> I want an alias please, I won't give myself one
<phl> the butterfly is free, and INWO is too fucking complicated
<AC808> I dub thee MADAME KARI!
<RevSEx> Please don't mind my crack.  Thank Bob I'm not NUDE!
<phl> np: moistboyz III
<pisces> It has NOTHING to do with Scotland.
<RevLordSloth> Tony Roma's has everything to do with DICK!
<RevSEx> Country Bumpkin is a whipped little pink boy!
<RevSEX> I've been sleeping on a blanket of dead bugs!
* Asquire runs around nekked!
<RevSEx> If you're underage, film yourself masturbating.  Is it considered child porn to play it now (of age) to a bunch of friends?
<phl> Frop and Dec are here, in their usual spot
<Asquire> LOL! *cough*
<RevSEx> brb
<phl> afk
<RevSEx> back.
* RevSEx is not looking at Pisces' tongue piercing for fear of spooging over the rest of the channel
<RevLordSloth> I don't like SPAM!!!
<AC808> How can u have any pudding if you don't eat your Treet?
<RevSEx> brb
<phl> Blame me for all problems and mishaps, I can take it
<RevSEx> ah... 'nother cold beer
<RevSEx> afk
<AC808> TREET looks like a placenta w/a yeast infection!
* sifu13 has joined #subgenius
* LadyDiana has joined #subgenius
<phl> Moderation thru anti-short people technology
<RevSEx> I do not want this to become an us vs. them w/T-base, T-base is SLACK too!
* phl sets mode +o sifu13
* Asquire hates politics! :P
* Decadence has joined #subgenius
<Decadence> Howdy!
<Decadence> where the *fuck* is everyone else?  Bastards!!
<Decadence> Finally!  my site is set and my head is high.  Hail Connie, my brethren!  It is time!!!
* RevSEx sets mode +o LadyDiana
* PaterNostril has joined #subgenius
<PaterNostril> True Slack has come to Brushwood!
<RevSEx> Unplanned spontenaety???
* phl is now known as phlTaterCommando
[At this point after firing some taters, phloighd falls off the front of Asquire's van]
<RevSEx> Phloighd is no athelete.
<phl> fuck you all
<phl> afk
* RevSEx likes picking his nose.
<RevLordSloth> Bob loves 808 and 808 loves Bob.  hhhhmmm!!!???
<RevLordSloth sets mode +f (fire marshall duties) AC808
<RevLordSloth> Fucking Sexmortus, that bitch making me lose my train of thought!!!  Thank you Sexmortus! <heart> !!!
* RJC has joined #subgenius
<RJC> anyone awake
<Asquire> poo...
<RevSEx> LOL!  Phloighd lashes out at Lord Sloth!  [spilling beer, bongwater, and assorted items onto him]
* LadyDiana changes topic to "Can you feel this?  I'm going it as hard as I can!"
<RevSEx> Doc Frop is in da howse!
<phl> Have the ass-raping beavers followed us from a.s.woods?
* Jesus has joined #subgenius
<Jesus> !list
* Jesus has been auto-kicked from #subgenius <what channel does this look like st00p1d?!?1?>
<Schabe> heh.
* Jesus has joined #subgenius
* magdalen has joined #subgenius
<Jesus> you fuckers kicked me
<magdalen> :-)
<Jesus> Lamorz D00d
<Decadence> Oh god... I think it's pasta night!  every Sunday!  fucking great!
<Decadence> Oh wait... never mind... I'm at Brushwood!  I'm only hallucinating!  praze "Bob"!
* phl is now known as phlOuch-SuckItUp
<RevSEx> I am sooo fropped.
[Massive netsplit, typing ceases for several hours while repairs are made]
<Jesus> Good Morning
* Topper has joined #subgenius
<RevSEx> Dr_Lon: No, I can't possibly take a swig of your whiskey.  But thank you... Maybe l8rs.
<RevLordSloth> Fuck Bob, Hail Connie!
<Asquire> anyone awake?
* Rev_Dr_Lon is now known as Rabbi_Lon
<Rabbi_Lon> Shalom
* RevSEx changes topic to "Live sex around the campfire would get me to wank, what about you?  Type !list for more info"
* Rabbi_Lon is now known as Rev_Dr_Lon
<Rev_Dr_Lon> My only mission in life is to be danny from "Hey Dude"
<Schabe> Heh.
<Schabe> I wish weinholt was here.
<Schabe> He's the only one who ever ops me.
* Colonel'Kat'Suit has joined #subgenius
<Colonel'Kat'Suit> Ask me about the new #subgenius botnet.  Expect to pay for the info.
<RevLordSloth> I have such a @%#! woody! I'm going to give dr. Lon a mowhawk with his permission!!! :) :) :)
<Pisces> Asian women are hot!
<Pisces> It's more like jackhammers with dildos
<phl> Lon: "I'm highly flammable"
<Pisces> Oh the blowy thingy
* phl changes topic to "Unexplainable manifestations of friendliness"
<Rev_Dr_Lon> Let's all find out if we're gay
* TwoBeans has joined #subgenius
<Twobeans> ...
<phl> wtf is an "erection fart"?!?! Yeah, Lon, let's all find out if we're gay
<RevSEx> I want more erections.
* Turkish and Brazilian spammers wish you a happy Xday jejejejejeje
* DJShaver has joined #subgenius
* DJShaver in da hause! ____________
* Asquire wakes back up...
<Asquire> Bobot, seen Stang?
<bobot> Stang was last seen 14 weeks, 3 days, 11 hours, 52 minutes ago, saying "AFLAC!" in #13013
<slackbot> Have Slack!  Have Slack!  HAVE SLACK!!!
<Asquire> Slack?
<slackbot> Have Slack!  Have Slack!  HAVE SLACK!!!
<phl> Timestamps are for the weak.
* Cozmodiar has joined #subgenius
* Boffin has joined #subgenius
<Cozmodiar> w3rd.
<Cozmodiar> Cheers!
<Boffin> puff puff!
<Cozmodiar> Let's set a bunch of people on FIRE.
<Cozmodiar> Remember the Crazy Dolls.
* phloighd goes to register.
<sifu13> what the fuck!?
* SunNguyen has joined #subgenius
<SunNguyen> Hello all... I made it!
* RevHarryS.Johnson has joined #subgenius
<phl> they won't stop telling dead baby jokes
<Asquire> I rule!!!
<SunNguyen> !list
<RevSEx> Back.  I am so amazingly fropped out of my skull.  Wow... Oh shit.  Hot tub party, brb...
* RevNickie has joined #subgenius
<RevNickie> Writing on your little message thingie is precarious -- if I get hurt, I will kill you.
* Pisces screams "they're all gonna laugh at you" several times
* JaquesTreatment has joined #subgenius
* Jaques sighs, "Fucking lurkers"
* Asquire drops a rock on phl
* phl mumbles a spell, turning Asquire into a much-needed chair.
* AllieKatt has joined #subgenius
<AllieKatt> PHPTFLP
* Warkey has joined #subgenius
* Utah slaps Prostata around with a large trout
<phl> Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, dammit
<RevSEx> I need help masturbating
<phl> don't scroll it, write at will
* phl sets topic to "If you're not going to take from a Connieite, you're never gonna get a blowjob"
<Cozmodiar> Plastic Gastropod Scream!
* Cozmodiar sets mode -c
<Cozmodiar> this channel is now colored.
<RevSEx> DrLon is gay, fuck him if he can't drink w/o a soda.  LOL, you fool.
* scynic has joined #subgenius
<TwoBeans> Sexmortus is muh bitch!!!11!
<phl> *KINGS* of feedback
* phl changes topic to "Quit fucking me so I can sleep"
* phloighd enables Internet Relay Camping interface 0.3, removing danger to short persons
<phl> It works, mostly.  Hooray!
<Asquire> np: "Monkee Bone," the Flaming Homosexuals
<LadyDiana> You are all a bunch of horny fuckers.  I never saw a group of men so fixated on dick.
<RevHarryS.Johnson> TYPE !!?# if you want to see Mongoloid Porn
* phl sets topic to "Sacred Chair of Retard Porn"
<RevSEx> Channel closed, BBL
* phl is now phlAway GO AWAY
* phlAway returns, post-thorazine
<phl> Fire Fire FIRE!! HAHAHAHAHA
* RevChuckCanuck has joined #subgenius
<RevChuckCanuck> was here!
* RevDrJack has joined #subgenius (8:43 EST 7/3/03)
* Ankara has joined #subgenius
<magdalen> Bucky & Asquire sittin' in a tree!!!
* TV-X has joined #subgenius
<bobot> I forgot what I know about Hoy
<evilgoat> J00 R OWNED
<Asquire> Hello?? *echo*
* RevRash has joined #subgenius
<RevRash> 'ello
* fathertom has joined #subgenius
<fathertom> MMHMM
<phl> rain make owie
* phl changes topic to "Bribery encouraged, as usual"
# temujin9 has joined #subgenius
<t9> !list
* RevIvanStang has joined #subgenius
* PrincessWei has joined #subgenius
<Wei> carrot.
* SolCat has joined #subgenius
<phl> (singsong voice) We get to kill, we get to kill...
<Stang> ah-OO-gah
<Wei> ooh-aah gah!  heungh!
<t9> Rules for Killer at registration or ask SolCat or I.
<Asquire> Hey Stang!  Hey Stang!  Hey Stang!
* Bucky has joined #subgenius
* Bucky is now known as BuckyDrunk
* BuckyDrunk giggles as he falls over
<magdalen> go harass people that don't have wristbands or seasonal camper badges!!!
<magdalen> GO GAY TEEN SQUAD!!
* phl changes topic to "Home of the Slack Goons"
<LadyDiana> I represent a major threat.  Do *not* fuck around with me.  I *will* rip your lips off.
* Jimbo has joined #subgenius
<Jimbo> I will eat your SOUL!!1!
* Jimbo goes to find some ketchup.
* Samhein has joined #subgenius
<Samhein> Thanks for not saving us a spot.  Love ya anyway.
<RevSEx> Heading out for the evening.
<SolCat> mrow?
* Katsu[it] purrs.
<Boffin> Save me a <illegible>
* Asquire sets topic to "I NOW RULE 'OR KILL ME RADIO'"
<RevRash> Xday report...
<RevRash> If you were there, I wouldn't have to explain.
<RevSEx> FUCKIN ROCKNAR!  BBIAB, werkin on getting subGTV online.
<phl> "Old fashioned loaf," heh heh
* Moon has joined #subgenius
<Moon> Remember - purple crayon girl?  that's me if I met you and not if I didn't.
<Samhein> Where are the nude girls?  I was promised nude girls!
<AC808> I dub Jimbo "Mr Noodle"
* Jimbo flies screaming onto the sky, spleen first.
<Jimbo> WHEEEEEEEE!!1!
<phl> np: white stripes "there's no home for you here"
<RevSEx> LOL!  7am July 5th 2003
<Katsuit> bobot, seen the X-ists?
<SolCat> where were y'all this morn?
<temujin9> Killer delay until noon.  All players must get picture by 11AM.  OOOK!
<Jimbo> Killing is my business, and business is good.
<Moon> the pond was quite an event.  An odd experience and the thought of leaches in my orifices drove me away...
<phl> the duckbot refuses to die.
<RJC3> [??] I'm not a homo!!!
<sifu13> why does it hurt when I pee!?
<AC808> why isn't the duckbot on the killer list?
<temujin9> nope, sorry.  No bots.  they're annoying rules nazis.
<phl> like we're not?
* Jimbo brandishes a knife.
<Jimbo> Any phallic objects found in the vicinity of my face WILL BE STABBED.
<Moon> It's NOT PHALIS if it's the Real object!
* phl sets topic to "Fuck Regret"
<SolCat> Fuck "Bob"!
* GovRocknar has joined #subgenius
<GovRocknar> ugh... #subgenius sucks!
* GovRocknar has been kicked, on general principles
* theMadScribbleh has joined #subgenius
<theMadScribbleh> uh, is this the smahflorers <?> site, I'm looking for recipes.
<RevLordSloth> Fuck Bob, he screwed us all again!!!
<RevSEx> As grotesque as he may seem, Rocknar Rocks!  PRAISE ROCKNAR!
<Asquire> !list (hehe)
<fathertom> Arrgh Data pirates
* Cozmodiar sets mode +b *!@pink*   /msg operserv Getpass #subgenius    /Kline Uberserv*!*@*.*
* RevGhost joines #subgenius
* Decadence ping timeout...
<SolCat> has cigarettes for a lucky few who find her
* Bucky giggles
* Jimbo gestures, rudely.
* skullY has joined #subgenius
<skullY> !list
<phl> it's your own script, aren't you immune?
* Bulldaddy has joined #subgenius
<RevSEx> I gotta get a strap-on
<RevSEx> for my ASS!!
<Asquire> I rule, you all suck!
<Bulldaddy> you mean a strap-on ass?
<RevLordSloth> Whoohoo to 808, sexmortis is easy to make a bitch!
<Cozmodiar> I don't know that's necessarily true.
<Cozmodiar> Praise Rednecks 4 Bob!
<Cozmodiar> Praise "BOB"!
<Topper> Praise #subgenius for their bountious weiners.
<Asquire> ...*looks around*...
* Rabbi has joined #subgenius
<Rabbi> Why do I know this much about bondage gear?!
* Rev_Dr_Lon sets mode +b *.*
<Rev_Dr_Lon> HAHA My plans have worked
<Asher> you poo puffer, stop trying to take the chan.
<RJC> Hello
<RevSEx> Good mornin' all.
<RevSEx> Hello?
<RevSEx> Anyone?
<RevSEx> Good to wake up to the sounds of yeti-love, But it's time to go.
<RevSEx> Packing up now... L8RS ALL!
* RevSEx has signed off until next year
<phl> so last night Magdalen trolled us
<phl> she said we were a bunch of pussies, and they were gonna come kick our asses
<phl> tried to ask why she felt the need to troll, but she got huffy and walked off; she'll never know how much I love her
<SolCat> So long and thanks for all the fish.
* SolCat has logged off #subgenius
<Asquire> BBIAB
* Asquire has quit IRC <going home>
<RevDrJack> well, we're still fucking here.  Take a deep breath, exhale, bend way down, grab your ankles, and send your "love offering" issuing into the nostrils of the Con for One More Year!  Later, all.
* RevDrJack has left #subgenius -- 09:10:00 07/07/03
<Rev_Dr_Lon> Oh holy shit, what's that!!!
* Rev_Dr_Lon has quit irc <my fingerrrrr>
<Jimbo> Soon you shall witness the discting advantage of having no scruples whatsoever!!1!
* Jimbo has quit irc <cobra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!>
* temujin9 has quit irc <spoon?>
<Cozmodiar> seen Rev_Otto
<Ankara> I have opened the second asshole and inserted the extra-sensory butt-plug.
* Ankara has quit irc <butt connection reset>
* DrShep has joined #subgenius
<DrShep> just lurking.
<Boffin> !!seen MyAss
* SolCat has joined #subgenius
<SolCat> change name to Xday Sex Central! :)
* SolCat has quit IRC
* Rev_Otto has joined #subgenius
<Rev_Otto> Dook Dook Dook
<Boffin> All property is theft <illegible>
* kitty has joined #subgenius
<Kitty> Huh?
* phloighd has quit irc <I hate you all>

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