The Xtranormal version of Mikey

Xtranormal was a form of Forbidden Science that allowed SubGenii who do not have any video editing software, video editing skills, webcams, cameras or phones capable of video recording, or any video editing talent whatsoever to make excellent Slackful videos, almost miraculously. This was done by going to the Xtranormal website and using its simple, easy-to-use interface to create videos, which are typically then uploaded by SubGenii to YouTube. This technique was pioneered by SubGenii on alt.slack several years ago as a technique to ridicule Pink kooks who posted on alt.slack, and has proved highly successful as a technique for SubGenii who lack the skills, equipment, or free time to record and edit Normal videos.

Xtranormal videos quickly became the newest form of SubGenius propaganda, and although many Pinks and Normals now use the Xtranormal service to produce videos that they then post to YouTube, every Xtranormal video secretly has a Dobbshead hidden subliminally in the video, only visible to the subconscious mind in those lacking the third eye. The Time Control code, encoded in the dots of the Dobbshead, is capable of transforming a latent SubGenius into a full-fledged Slave of "Bob", acting on his every whim with complete obedience. However, since "Bob" is dead, SubGenii who are thusly awakened by the subliminal Dobbshead images hidden in Xtranormal videos ACTUALLY become slaves to the maggots, worms, leeches, and other invertebrate vermin who are feasting upon "Bob's" rotting corpse, in his unmarked grave in the Malaysian jungle about half a mile away from Dobbstown. This explains why SubGenii have such odd behavior and are not Normals like everybody else, as every SubGenius is a mind-slave controlled by a different vicious tiny invertebrate animalcule monster feeding on the festering corpse of "Bob". Xtranormal videos have become the primary means by which these microscopic parasites feeding off of one man's corpse in the jungles of Malaysia have managed to conquer half the globe through subliminal propaganda produced by the SubGenii host organisms they control telepathically.

This Xtranormal video shows Rev. Ivan Stang, the Sacred Scribe, performing the Church of the SubGenius Last Rites on a dying SubGenius:

The Church of The Subgenius Last Rites

The Church of The Subgenius Last Rites

This next Xtranormal video compares and contrasts the Church of the SubGenius with the Mormons:

Church of the Subgenius vs

Church of the Subgenius vs. the Mormons!

This Xtranormal video features alt.slack kook/Bozo Doc Martian spouting nonsense:

Alt slack kook doc martian

Alt slack kook doc martian

This Xtranormal video features some Francis E. Dec fans discussing their shared beliefs:

Francis E

Francis E. Dec Fans

This Xtranormal video by an alt.slack kook tries and fails to make fun of the Church of the SubGenius:
<youtube width=640 height=385>_-um21KfqDI</youtube>

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